Miracle NeoTribe
I long dream of a fruitarian, nomad, poliamorous, bisensual,  waste aware, activist, healing be(am)ing  tribe devoted to singing and dancing Gaia back to Eden.
I call my people Miracles because it truly is a miracle in this mad world that anybody would want to live under these Guidelines:
(Also, I realize some of it might be almost utopian or just ridiculously impractical within the present societal constraints**
&/or we are yet to experience/experiment the inherently communal aspects with an actual group)

Heavily favor using what's being wasted and actively scavenge or officially collect waste donations before buying.
Believe in fruitarianism and devotedly promote it and create fruitarian spaces and events. Buy or prepare no other food than fruit, aim for raw freeganism while in the wide
world & instinctive fruitarianism while in retreat, pregnant, or in recovery***. Veggies & herbs OK for ailments & depletion from unavoidably unnatural modern conditions,
along with minimal, case specific, last resource traditional medicine, energy healing  always first choice.
Live in or out of a variety of vehicles, traveling between towns, festivals & events, performing & teaching,  retreating in nature in between. Buildings would only occasionaly
be used for events (and other practical uses), not inhabitation.
Limit our possessions to musical instruments, clothes, audio video photo equipment & laptops, simple bedding and some other very basic stuff like that,
and openly share all resources and money for the common purpose.
Produce nothing but inspirational culture and art (only "alive" art such as music dance & performance, no "object" art such as painting or sculpture,
exception made for functionals like fashion, musical instruments, decors).
Meditate and dance and sing and practice all neotribal ways of be(am)ing very alive together***.
Communally marry our shared intention, ongoingly indulging total neotribal bisensual intimacy***.
Ideally sex would be non possessive, occasional, and approached with maximum awareness; anybody could hook up. Or not. But we'll just have to figure it out as we go.
Coupling is still quite natural as long as commitment & priority are given to the tribal ideals rather than to whatever sexual alliance.
Ideally children would eventually be born into the tribe and brought up communaly within the guidelines, but if people with children already  wish to join in we'll figure it out.
No pets. Preferably dress in stylish color  coordinated recycled fashions (I can provide for that).

Matthew, my darling husband of 12 years, and I are a devoted couple by default, though we always intended to expand.
Leora was with us and helped us a lot for a couple of years, but our relationship never quite clicked in.
Don't worry if you don't yet fit the guidelines. If you're into it, we'll help you get there. But we're not all there yet either.

*Shared intention really is what matters,  & I'm not writing on stone, or even paper
Unfortunately many of these trascendental, sustainable choices that would significantly aid to heal the earth & our hearts, such as waste awareness; poliamory; vehicular
inhabitation (& nomadness in general), among others, are not recommended or respected, but, depending on the place & culture, rather frowned upon, demonized,
persecuted & in some cases even criminalized, making it very difficult, painful or impossible to choose the life one would think healthiest. It's been real tough for us alone,
but we still hope it would be more doable in a group or involved with a supported community, which we haven't had the fortune to experience.
***Of course it would be nicer to be all fruitarian (I myself am now 95-100% fruitarian, 0-5% raw freegan, depending;  some coffee) but it's very hard to do while separated,
and it shouldn't be the only relevant lifestyle issue. Once a tribe it would be a lot more doable for all of us.
And all around renunciation is every bit as crucial for YouRevolution.
Likewise, as an intentfull focus group we could probably heal any bodily  issues with our collective care, but alone, or just the two of us, out here at the mercy of the world's
mad vibes, it seemed beyond us to handle major  things like calcified birth defective aortic valves, broken bones and such,
& we praise the heavens for the life saving traditional medical care we've received for free.
Alomistical Meditation)
Check out my Rad Raw Rant for a lenghtier dissertation on this topics
This is merely a layout, ongrowingly revamped & clarified
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