Happy scavenging

We make sure to use what's being wasted. It's already caused great strain & stress to produce it, we may as well squeeze some purpose out of it. We are always
amazed at the luxurios amounts of good stuff we find in the waste,* specially organic fruit, groovy clothes & all kinds of music, which I live for. We could feed & dress a
whole tribe! On an average day we may rescue hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. It's always like Christmas, a surprise, a gift, a blessing, a great depression antidote.
We create beauty & support a healthy life out of transmuting the insensitive horror of waste.
It seems like  a convoluted post modern version of my original idea of fruitarianism, which is just roaming around enjoying whatever the earth had to give us. We roam
around scoring what little is worth from modern civilization's blind consumption void, & we get to be immersed & in touch with culture, and inspire all kinds of people
with our transcendental views & lifestyle. (See
Rad Raw Rant)
As a persnickity fruitarian, it's a blessing to be able to taste & pick & choose from such a wide variety of fruit, some of which I didn't even know existed. They'd never let
me do that at a store! & of course I could never afford even the time to buy & discard like that!
We love it when we are asked where we got something beautiful & we can proudly say we just found it; or what's the
best thing we ever scored: each other! (We met at a dumpster)
*The piles of unused paper napkins! Those were trees, people!

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It seems the planet would be much better off if people would just be happy using & reusing what we've already made & stop producing so much unnecessary stuff
that's depleting, consuming & exploiting the earth & bound to destroy it, & it seems healthier & most sustainable to at least make sure to not senselessly waste what's
already been produced.
Sadly, some lock their dumpsters & even pay for security or grinders to destroy the food, so nobody can take the waste for free. It seems like a sin, a crime against the
earth & humanity to pay to make sure to waste.  It causes more greenhouse gases than anything else they're trying to regulate. But oddly, that's legal, & dumpster
diving is often illegal , & there's no scavenger's rights  whatsoever.   We've never been arrested, but we' been harassed & humiliated many times, & of course made to
return what we had already worked on collecting.  Yes, it's work, & pretty athletic too, to dumpsterdive.

Lately  some of the  biggest  dumpsters we counted on for years have been doing the locking & grinding thing, really cramping our style. If we had a big fruitarian
nomad thing going on we could probably get official donations from more benevolent big stores/farms all over & it wouldn't matter so much, but as of now ouch!

Unfortunately many of these transcendental, sustainable choices that would significantly aid to heal the earth & our hearts, such as waste awareness, poliamory &
vehicular inhabitation (& nomadness in general), among others, are not recommended or respected, but depending on the place & culture, rather frowned upon,
demonized, persecuted & in some cases even criminalized, making it very difficult, painful or impossible to choose the life one would think healthiest.