All Original Alomusica
Both Aloma & Matthew play: Alomalong
(Gas Can; Cymbal; Steel Plates, Bowl & Cup,   
cooking aids transmuted to a higher purpose);
Chimes; Bells; Harp Tuners; Whirl Tubes.
Aloma Shamanatrix also plays:
(Bowed Plucked &) Hammered
Foot Bells; Spring Thunder
DanSing Miracles:   
Leora Sharone   Matthew Miracle
      Please Listen:

Contact us for Tranceformances or music  files.   415-4243935
Aloma Shamanatrix & Matthew Miracle play Aloma's all original music on Hammered Dulcimer & Alomalong (metal percussions
Outerdimensional  Trancesensual Dance
All Original Alomusic
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   Very Melodic

  Very Abstract

  That Very Relaxing one
  you hear  in the other pages

Very Vocal

All I have from back in the 1990's