Alomobile   Healing Party Bus!            One of a kind piece of shiny collage art -& DIY ingenuity.
24 foot converted limo bus: studio, stage, meditation bubble, wardrobe, VIP lounge, ashram central. At least 10 people can meditate, see a concert from the inside...
Self contains everything we need for concerts, performances, playshops, parties  in the woods or in some park, or just park outside some other event and do our thing.
Always carrying piles of fruit we scavenge to share with everybody.
If it's beyond the Compressed Natural Gas reach (see special arrangements would ensue, such as where to leave the Alomobile
(or how to tow it along!?), though we would kinda like to convert it to dual fuel so we can drive our fabulous gypsy wagon anywhere in America. (
See wish list)
To go outside USA, I need to ask Inmigration permission months ahead.
For an Alomagical Alomisterious Tour or Ride; Meditation or Performance at the Alomobile, contact Matthew &   For prompt response 415-4243935

Though we still use fuel (CNG is less polluting & cheaper, but not any less horrendous to obtain (fracking!) than gasoline) our
energy usage is very conscious: Our whole life runs from our batteries, through an electrical system Matthew set up. There's no
magic switches or faucets fed by external energy centrals. We are aware of every drop of water. We use a camp shower & an
array of squirters. We don't cook either. We have a home made toilet system. Of course we'd like to upgrade to cleaner energy.
Matthew even dreams to find a way to capture the methane from our tons of compost  & even "humanure"...
We've lived entirely out of our bicycles before: most ecological & free spirited, but way to hard, impractical & exposed in this
modern world. This is nomad luxury!
It's great that there's such awareness about bicycle riding, but it's overreaching  to think that's revolutionary in itself, while still
living indoors. It takes a lot of motorized vehicles as well human hours to make buildings & keep them & their energy centrals
going. Plus they furtherly pollute the air with ongoing industrial debris.
Vehicles are a more sustainable transitional housing option. Even gasoline run ones are less ecological impact than homes, if
that's all that fuels one's whole life.
Unfortunately many of these trascendental, sustainable choices that would significantly aid to heal the earth & our hearts, such as
waste awareness; poliamory; vehicular inhabitation (& nomadness in general), among others, are not recommended or respected,
but, depending on the place & culture, rather frowned upon, demonized, persecuted & in some cases even criminalized, making it
very difficult, painful or impossible to choose the life one would think healthiest.
& without  a community to function with, the nomad luxury comes with  a high maintenance & isolation price tag. All we have is the
Alomobile, so we're technically homeless (& frowned upon).  As far as long term art projects, like producing music videos,  barely
doable, way fragmented. We must function on public space in the daylight, & often need to run away from sudden loud/dusty/toxic
activities, so we end up having to wrap it up & start over the next day a lot, & we're lucky if the bus doesn't break down or some
zealous law enforcement checks in on us in the middle of it all!
We've been stationed in Los Angeles, but we would love to go to warm fruity places, & more than anything we'd love to go where
there's kindred spirits to groove with.
Meanwhile, we'd like to find a small storage/studio space. With electricity, light, & 24h access. Preferably a detached garage.
Where we can park our 24x9x10' bus close by, better yet right next to it, or in it.
But we may just have to find an emergency lot to park in, as we just found out L A City Councils are working on a new ban on
vehicular inhabitation. Despite the supreme court striking down a similar ban deeming it unconstitutional & inhumane. Terrifying!  It
would shatter the lives of thousands of us vehicular homeless, & put us back at the mercy of abusive law enforcement & at risk of
loosing our vehicles, often our only significant possession, not to mention dignity & self determination.  They'd be able to break in
& tear through our beautifull collage, looking for such delinquent objects as blankets, toothbrushes, or other incriminating
evidence of "lodging", ticket us, jail us, force us to let go of the bus or leave town, unless we find a lot we can afford.  So far is
hasn't passed council, & we can only hope it never does, though they're gonna keep redrafting it till they come up with a version
they can pass. Bummer!

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Sometimes we sundry extra fruit :

   Our  back doors make
       a cute lil' stage:

            All    purpose lounge........                                          Hearts, Sparkles & Fuzzies....                 Always Halloween in our kitchen!