Shamanatrix Alomission Statement

Forward YouRevolution to Natural Beauty.

Inspire, share & spread awareness of the many lively loving healing ways we can create self fulfillment & reunion.

Add a further dimension of hardcore holistic healing, the missing link between rehab & fun, the balance between vigilance & abandonment.

Create healing party centers & festivals where people can  come have wild cozy fun in a non toxic superconscious way.

Promote the greatest fun, the grooviest party, the most exciting high of igniting our innermost sparkle of being,
the effervescence of our very essence; of re-engaging our shared humanity in a very  profound  & comforting way,
unleashing our  pure universal love & care beyond the pervading grip of addiction, possession, greed, control,
competition, separation, desperation &  abuse that constrains us & threatens to destroy all life in the planet.

Awaken heightened states of being; deeper, more sophisticated levels of ourselves; & realms of intimate communion.

Alomistical Meditation,
Rad Raw Rant
                                                                                 Alomanifestation Wishlist

(I've been "high on my own supply", tobacco, alcohol & hard drug free, vegan-increasingly fruitarian for 21 years, on my own counsel, having exhilarating fun,
despite much unprivilege & hardship. I can help people Heal for Real: stay sober, fit, young & happy through thick & thin, while having a fun party time, with all
the unconventional techniques & practices we've developed through the years. I dream I could have helped people like Amy Winehouse, & just anybody
groovy who can't do rehab, like us. We believe we have a much needed comprehensive alternative healing program. We do fun far out healing playshops.
Great for finding self fulfillment, embracing & nourishing the natural beauty of our essential Humanity, & overcoming addictions: Kriya Yoga- DanSingOut-
Humandalas- Contact OmMovement- Bisensuality- Mood Monsters- Fruit Fun- Pranayama… (Tantric Tools for Tranceformation)
It's great help for people with issues like drugs, alcohol, tobacco, compulsive eating, abusive/destructive relating, who, like us, can't handle the straight &
narrow ways of traditional treatment, & for gender & sexual identity as well.. We have a very unique approach to offer not only to addiction management, but
also to positive self image, to gender identity, female empowerment, whatnot........ We've even created our own amazing Tranceformance music for some of
the meditations
We feel we have a lot of talent, healing & fun to offer & we could have an impact in human evolution, but we've always fallen through the cracks & spent most
of our time dealing with shear difficulty instead of creativity & haven't been able to rise up from our disprivilege
We need to breakthrough to a platform where we can expand & put our talents to good use for the evolution of humanity!

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