Aloma Shamanatrix                       Alomentoring
(No delving into traditional shamanic teachings)
I call myself a Shamanatrix because typically "shamans" inspire, guide & sustain into unusual dimensions & realms of being;
& for female the arcaic suffix "
atrix" sounds cool!

With a very unique view of human evolution, the nature of addiction, & the development of societal conventions & taboos;
fun insight on human psy-key & relationships, & a far out array of meditations &  healing practices to find fulfillment & excitement within ourselves
& from natural lively loving ways, I can guide you through many aspects & levels of trascendence & liberation:

Replace tobacco with the breath of life.**
Manage attitude and beliefs about food, learn to eat with full consciousness, sensuality & purpose;
& to find & create fulfillment from other sources. Get a handle on eating disorders.***
Understand the states that we crave for in drugs/alcohol & such, & closely recreate them in non-toxic ways.**

Set free from  non conducive/oppresive relationships. Or elevate them.
Relish in a sense of self worth & self love; reveal & cultivate the essential Natural Beauty of your very being beyond appearance, gender, sexual orientation,
or whatever  the present status of your life affairs.
Establish deeper, mutually enriching, uplifting & comforting relationships beyond the murky grip of addiction & possession that often turns them abusive.

Identify the Mood Monsters that trigger self defeating/destructive behavior & transmute them to creative fuel.
Let loose & dance, sing,  cry, be expressive & affectionate & sensual, get the life flowing in all kinds of ways.
Find the humor. Become "fooly" enlightened.

Set up a meditation/trascendental exercise plan for transformation that suits your personal preferences.

Most efficiently heal injuries, surgeries & trauma, & make recovery a profound journey of self discovery & reinvention.****

Heighten your awareness of how you choose to live your life & its evolutionary implications, the focus  always on emotional attachment & addiction, on understanding the
deeply engrained ancestral beliefs that cause us to think that we "need" our chosen variety pack  of shackles & chains.
Deal with  obstructive fears; & handle the unsettling feelings that come along with radical change.

Set up a functional living on a vehicle, & deal with the many logistics of nomadness.  
If indoors, make the space expansive & conducive to healing.
Discern through, prioritize & reduce possessions.
Sort through & weed out unnecessary tweaked out activities & involvements.
Observe & rearrange spending habits.
Be aware of the waste.

Retribution would vary with the amount of time &  involvement, & your own solvency & spending habits.
& I have plenty of
Alomanifestation Wishes other than money.

I'm eager to share my unconventional insight, experience, practices, exercises, & meditations to Heal for Real: stay sober, fit, young & happy through thick & thin, while
having a fun festive time. It's great help for groovy people with issues like drugs, alcohol, tobacco, compulsive eating, abusive/destructive relating, who, like us, can't handle
the straight & narrow ways of traditional treatment/rehab.  We have a very unique approach to offer not only to addiction management, but also to positive self image, to
gender identity, female empowerment, whatnot…I dream I could have helped people like Amy Winehouse, & just anybody groovy who can't do rehab, like us. We believe we
have a much needed comprehensive alternative healing program.

In Person, Online, By Phone.  Contact Shamanatrix  For prompt response 415-4243935
This is merely a layout, ongrowingly revamped & clarified

**'I've stayed "high on my own supply", tobacco, alcohol & hard drug free, vegan for 21 years, on my own counsel, always having exhilarating fun, despite much crippling
***Though I'm mostly fruitarian/raw vegan (not 8-1-1), I help people establish a
healthier relationship with food at any level. I've also overcome bulimia & anorexia.
****Both Matthew & I have wowed doctors with our rapid surgery recoveries & bone fusing.  Plus we've healthfully recovered from a variety of personal trauma.
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