Alomanifestation Wishlist

Events & occasions to perform, present, &/or do playshops.  I would so like to go to real festivals.
We love to dance to/for all kind of bands.                                                           

Better yet create Alomistical "healing party" centers & retreats.
where people can  come have wild, cozy fun in a non toxic superconscious way.                                                              

TV opportunities, both appearing in other shows & producing our own.

Promotion  Any way you wanna help us get known….

Meanwhile, we'd like to find  a small storage/studio space. With electricity & light, & 24h access. Preferably a detached garage. Where we can
park our 24x9x10' bus close by, better yet right next to it, or in it.
But it may just have to be an emergency lot to park inside of,  or a lot or drive were we can use a carport: apparently El Nino is  gonna rainstorm
strong this winter.... & L A City Councils are working on a new ban on vehicular inhabitation.

Durian (frozen or dried OK). Fruit waste donations. Tips on available fruit waste. Oh, & flowers!                        Groovy Clothes
Of course, the bigger the events we get to do, the more fruit we'll need.                                                             Trek 60 kid's bike

Filming & photo. Camera & lighting assistance would be great. & editing!

Internet and computer. We could use computer-wise guidance. Or just help with long tasks.

Sound equipment (& expertise). Mini mixer with effects, better  cordless headset mics, tribal footbells. Quality Music  Recording.
        Gadgets.Digital voice recorder & Iphone (or non-apple similar).

Since Matthew is on SSI*, and we're married, any extra  money in our bank account would be discounted from what  we get each month,
so plain money doesn't really help (unless it's a lot). But it's OK for people to pay for stuff other than food and housing:

There's the regular vehicle (see Alomobile) expenses: Compressed Natural Gas, insurance, tune ups & specially barely affordable repairs,
occasional tickets.  We could really use
mechanical advice & assistance too. What we would really like to do is convert it to dual fuel so we can
go all over America.  Of course we'd also love to travel abroad, in which case, well, it's

There's other expenses: the  phone, this website, what not. And of course at any given time there's always things coming up.

Dental. Highbridges (minimal implants)  for me.

Please see my brief
Bio  Alomisticomedy

Contact Shamanatrix   For prompt response 415 -4243935.    

* SSI: Supplemental Security Income for the disabled

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